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tv   SFCTA Plans and Programs Committee 111516  SFGTV  November 20, 2016 2:20pm-4:01pm PST

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>> all right. good morning, everybody. welcome to the transportation authority plans & programs committee for tuesday, november 15, 2016, like to thank our clerk steve stamos and leo and mark from sfgovtv madam clerk, any announcements? no announce. >> mr. clerk item one. >> roll call commissioner avalos commissioner breed absent commissioner farrell commissioner peskin commissioner hwang absent we have quorum okay. thank you very much colleagu colleagues commissioner tang had a previous engagement can i have a motion can we take that without objection? 70 >> all right. mr. clerk item number 2. >> sense advisory report this
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is an informational item. >> good morning item number 4 the $3.1 million for the traffic calming most of questions or comments from the cca the clarifications on specification by the degree to which federal dollars we need to continue the operations of the cable car and to replace the gear boxed in the overhaul funded made this monthly attractive we're happy to have this and have the traffic calming efforts there is a large increase and desire for traffic calming item 5 the central subway master plan the cca wants to ask a question, of course,
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something we didn't touch on much and should perhaps be part of every study and discussion how land use effects your subways and how the demographics are take into account to the get to the jobs in the recreation centers that 0 closes any remarks. >> colleagues, any questions. >> move on to public comment for item 22 anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues this is an informational item no action mr. clerk item 3. >> approval of the minutes for the october 11th an action. >> colleagues questions or comments move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can have a a motion to approve. >> motion any commissioner avalos. >> roll call vote commissioner avalos commissioner breed is absent
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commissioner farrell commissioner peskin approval of the minutes are approved. >> berkley item 4. >> recommend allegation of $3 million plus prop c in prescription of one hundred thousand for prop k subject to the fiscal year distribution schedule a commitment to allocate prop k funds an action item. >> good morning, supervisors and rather commissioners i'm the deputy director for the transportation authority you'll jump into this allocation request grouping we have 4 requests to present the first, the cable car compulsion gear boxed request and this is a prop k request from the mta for approximately 2 or $1.3 million inform leverage
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the federal funds to overhaul the com provision gearboxes it provide powers to the cable car there are 4 in use and one a spare and been in use since 1984 a rehab project as opposed to to the - the cable car is a unique system and no official parts and component that can be purchased they need to be custom-made tlasz information in the packet of materials that includes the shut down schedule the mta is proposing a series of 4 shut down systems 3 one more each cable car line and one for all of the cable car lines the 10 consecutive days a elevation period and an outreach
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plan a communications plan mta is working with the tourist and the hotel and convention and churches and stakeholders in the area to make sure to get the word out about the shut down schedule the project should be complete by the end of 2019 next the traffic calming implementation project is referred to as the backlog of traffic calming projects from area wide plans that were completed between 2 and 10 years ago this is the last banish of those projects there are the traffic calming plan that be will pretty a total of lovingly of them there are various schedules of development for the construction because of the various banishes will be going on encouraging but complete at the end of 2019 those are the recommendations
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from the plans and traffic island speed humps and the proposition of the speed humps the third for the edge or the pedestrian safety project this is a district 8 transportation improvement program capital improvement for $80,000 for the design for the project and a commitment to allocate another one and 25 thousand when the project precedes and improves the glen canyon and request do from the stakeholders and supervisor wiener supports the request the project will be open by 2018 and the last request is from the transportation authority and this is for one hundred thousand dollars to leverage and caltrain grant to the sf ct a for district of funded phase one
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study program sections in the south of market area and studied 5 locations and made short term and easier to implement the recommendations for those ramps and this will expand the set of ramps that can be examined to 10 ramps the project focuses on the south of market area the highest clusters of high injury ramp intersection areas and this particular corridor but there are other projects that you are glounth the city like the alamany and the balboa park where ramps are studied for the improvements and other areas for the various types of configurations of ramps i'll be working closely with the caltrain and community outreach beginning next summer and i'm available to answer any questions and various project sponsors from the sfmta.
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>> thank you very much colleagues questions or comments commissioner avalos just a question about the work that we done on alamany right now a real need for pedestrian assess if the southern on the south side of alamany to get to the farmer's market a goal to be able to make sure there is actually access for the pedestrian. >> yes. there was a presentation at the finance committee last month that the alamany sgrarj program study it is currently underway the presentation went to finance committee because commissioner avalos the district representative for the studies on this committee there two phases of mere term improvements that are recommend one of which you'll see next month for lane
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configuration and putting in better striping to guide the traffic and guide the cyclists in the area the second phase of work for a multi use path that will allow for access and a signal going to get the streets wrong but provides the farmer's market streets and drainage issues that will be creating a new path that is prone to flooding we need to work with puc but the striping requests should be coming forward next. >> the intuts the cross over sounds like you guys are working on that. >> any questions or comments we want to thank you and the whole staff for working on a lot of the laurel heights the committee is working on for years with that, we open up for
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public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 4? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> same house, same call? >> same house, same call? all right. so moved. >> mr. clerk, call item 5. >> update on the subway master plan an informational item. >> good morning, commissioners matt long-range manager planning and with michael from the san francisco transportation authority on a possible component of san francisco's transportation future significant specifically subways and want to knowledge the planning department in this work as well the subway division is generated
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out of an ordinance by supervisor wiener isn't fall of 2015 and supervisor wiener is really about not losing momentum on transit investments for the city we think about the first iteration of subway we wanted to frame what is subways are their characteristics and how policy guidance how we think about implementing delivering the subways for the city of san francisco also an operator a start find a conversation not predetermining who might run the subways in the city and thinking about initial candidate corridor they make sense the work will feed into the sf program and the rated this is the start avenue conversation this allows moving large volumes
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of people in separated corridors quickly he's a trade off we're delivery process is very along the capital dollars are high in delivering those investments and they may not meet the needs of all travel choices and modes for the stations they may not allow everyone to get everyone where they want to go part of eco system we took a 3 pronged approach for the prior plan review and talked with san franciscans today about where they think subways are valuable and conducted new analysis in the prior plan saw a lot of great ideas that have not materialized but ideas that have for the corridors plan the central subway it is under construction and the brt project
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this past weekend and moving through the environmental review that is looking at what it comes next not the first time that san francisco has tried to think big about railing we saw a number of corridors we wanted to keep in mind as we forwarded this work. >> in trying to hear if san franciscans today, we decided to use the leverage of online proud sourcing for people to engage at their convenience from their home and really spend as much or little time to let them looking at the stopping stations and rail alignments how they fit into the current system we need to compliment that with outreach elements so we were touching folks may not have intersect access and have high internet 10
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or penetration in our community and want to technique with us we had 34 pop up activities from the bayview and tenderloin and excelsior inwards we're heard back the online tool westbound extremely successful 26 unique submissions some were single lines people were drawing their commute trips and comprehensive networks and systems that includes the software stations and creative thinking with the island a couple down in the south of america and africa and australia by the way, you can see on the heat map on the online tools asked folks to draw their dream for the future we can interpret where people think their mobility is not met and a
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greater need for more streamlined travel the corridor is at top based on the heat map that is a point of information to understand where the perspective and realty in travel patterns online we also at the pop up design the tenderloin bayview and excelsior we were intercepting people on the streets by and large didn't hear and the transcription services a need for from folks not native english speakers and we can by and large is the one and thirty responses and the multiple hundreds of people we spoken with would not will have heard in these people that heat map to the pop up events we see some of the similar desire lines
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indicators of a greater market within the corridors and other lines as well and so we're glad to - >> i really appreciate that type of outreach and in district 11 in you look at who uses our public transportation system it is almost 95 percent people of color and immigrants and people whose language is in the english i appreciate that. >> so this is - we did our prior plan review we spoke with san franciscans today, we want to take those two information points and tie them together with the analytic work to think about where people need to move in the future and subways are the most appropriate with that, i'm going to turn it over to mraek to speak towards that work. >> good morning michael
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sweaters with the transportation authority we use the 20 first two data points and did analysis with the existing operational analyze and looking at 2040 and looked where the land use patterns were developing not only the ridership but the overall traffic demand people that are driving places there is a lot of travel demands xhertsd to traffic - high quality network like a subway we did look at density patterns this map shows with the population density and job density and looking ways those patterns develop into the future and then also looked at kind of where people patterns tend to develop if there is a u bic subway that helps us to
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understand where the demand is generated in the future from the 3 sets of information we - generated 3 types of corridors will fall into multiple bucket but one across town people want to get across san francisco and bart goes through the city from one side all the way to the other so people have a desire to get across town and the other a correction people want to get to the metro or other trunk lines regional trunk lines and the pure demand basis with transportation demand could be from as many transit and diving we likely see a lot of displaced in the future and as i mentioned some of the corridors will fall into multiple buckets before i
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talk about the maps don't get attached to them but we wanted to test what that looked like if we triple the subway within the city of san francisco we have $15 million today and another thirty miles with two concerts looking where we generate the most demands using the analysis okay. this is where we think he can generate ridership where people's designations if you look at this the lines in the geary area and then makes its way south by the golden gate park an extension of t third at the lombard and the underground part of t third and in addition the van ness area heading southeast into the south part of mission bay with the m and putting that both is the soma pulling it out of the metro and then we said okay. this is
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one comparison let's see if we have a different concept how to get more geographic coverage and looked at it trade offs between corridors and different alignments within a similar corridor that's why we came up with the system and the t third a line into hunters point shipyard and the fillmore and divisadero and then the extension will be going to the physics rather than the lombard for the t third and the geary is out towards the beach and this is corridors not streets but in the vicinity and underground with the existing m with the mission bay and on the southern part of city some couple of those were shown including the extension of the m line and the geneva corridor so we looked at
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sort of what the potential for those kinds of system and we did find if we were able to do something as monumental tripling the subways in san francisco we'll have significant benefits including major traffic times, savings about 25 minutes for travelers on a given trip 10 to 15 minutes round trip by quoting the system we'll be able so have the bart's level in the 90 percent no union train will be arriving at that time, the significance of ridership 10 to 15 percent and under either of the corridors nektsd you'll see grandchildren 40 percent of san franciscans being able to walk to they're walking danced to the station we did an outlook and
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found it low income residents benefits at a larger rate than the population at large and this is a complicated map to show you the analysis looking at the traffic time for the zones across the city blue is increases and red is increases in travel time this year to the concept b the hunters point shipyard there was a direct line improves a significant amount of time at this point we know there are major network benefits and there are some next steps to you to do the hard work of prioritizing and an incremental way to develop the projects with that, to graham. >> thanks michael as i
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mentioned the thirty miles of subway will not materialize overnight but incredibly build out for the - where will we be moving the most people and the new investments and new subways compliment and provided synergy benefits to the system we're thinking from an interaction and build a robust system we don't want to leave anyone behind especially the needs of the high capacity reliable transit those are representative but want to frame the thinking how will we decide which routes corridors we want to think that prioritizing
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for investments and as i mentioned this the division the start of conversation but there is lots of other areas to be thinking dramatic and in an efficient like manner and funding is an easy one thirty miles of subway the funding stream didn't seem realistic in our lifetime maybe a change heed of us but we need to look at expanding resourcing and need to think about how we are delivering and speed up the timeline from a cost to calendar and schedule perspective and the cac report talked about land use not in the likelihood of major, major investments in the city without a conversation about land use and the number of people that those investment will be available for and how we can
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move and grow as a city those things need to be talked about together their intrinsically linked and lastly sorry not lastly conditioned inclusive and open outreach those decisions need to be made together the only way to be successful in that building champion champions of the community level and champions at the regional and federal level as well those these things need to come together to push forward individual elements of the subway divisions so we'll or we're going to incapsulate and the work didn't stop there will feed into the connect sf program a misrepresent departmental collaborative effort not only the subways but the whole eco
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system the eco system is not the silver bullet all needs to create the comprehensive mobility network that san francisco will need to be a desirable liveable place to live and competitive and reach the goals we've reached for ourselves the connect sf is underway and reach this fall with a survey talking about the core values how people think about the future of transportation in san francisco and into 2015 continued in that outreach and stakeholder activities. >> with that, i'd like to open up to any questions. >> thank you very much for your presentation commissions questions or comments. >> thank you hard work open up for public comment on item 5 anyone wish to comment. >> seeing none, public comment
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is closed. okay. colleagues an informational item so no vote mr. clerk and introduction of new items. >> colleagues, any new items to introduce. >> number 7. >> item 7 general public comment. >> anyone wish to pubically speak. >> good morning as a career we take personal family and social values to be of great importance in life therefore we have accept the liability and true justice making this to be objective for the seeking of true destiny we work hard to have pay off in life and sure of benefits with the world pathway we definitely can having a true games of with regards in return of spraepdz
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the true principle helping the needy for the transportation for virtues the results of personal cultivation one must sincerely be honest to ones virtues not letting ones emotions going out bound we have to fight for the traditional values of personal, family and social justice to assure our integrity of wellness in life we have to one way or another making ones destiny and on the other hand, transform from an older individual into a holy portion to have true ufos in life thank you. >> thank you very much anyone
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wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. parking garage call item 8 >> adjournment. >> thanks everyone we are (clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the orchestra.
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the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great stories for on opera.
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i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san francisco no other organization was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have organizations well, i thought that was going to be our speciality >> you create a conceptual idea
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for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i looked at sports looking at the daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place to collect and collaborate. i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am
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assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial >> it operates as a laboratory we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that aspect of renaissance and new
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work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story combined with opera music it allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music
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instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky. you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do >> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> okay good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget & finance committee for wednesday, november 16, 2016, my name is that mark farrell and joined by supervisor katie tang want to thank nona melkonian and leo for covering the meeting swols linda wong the clerk madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee silence all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 29th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. thank you madam clerk so supervisor yee is not with us this week after the elections can i entertain a motion to ensues supervisor yee and without objection
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madam clerk number one. >> approving the financing plan for the city and county of san francisco infrastructure and revitalization few minutes ago district one and the project areas there in. >> thank you, welcome mr. electing e beck you were us late last night welcome back. >> thank you supervisor farrell and supervisor tang the item the item before you is one of a total of 17 pieces of legislation part of the progress of forming the infrastructure financing district and community facilities on treasure island t the fooid are for the treasure island development ifd and efd so to reimburse costs by the developer as well as to help fund the affordable housing development on the island
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the cf d will reimburses certain infrastructure costs as well as creating a capital reserve for sea level rise and a imperpetual fund for the three hundred acres of parks and part of treasure island program the resolution relates specifically to the financing plan, which is the guiding document for did formation administration of the infrastructure revitalization and financing district t the i f that drafted with the terms of disposition agreement and it's champion blend it was adopted in 2011 if this item is move forward today it will catch up with the
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items in committee on october 15th and considered at the full board at a future hearing with the those other items include the intention to form the two districts if those are approved before our break this year we will expect 9 public hearing on the formation of district and the vote of the property owners within the distract will occur at the january 10th meeting of the full board since the i f p one language change if we know you but that on the screen this language change is tint the clarify the city stated it intends to seek the starter participation in the program traffic the commitment of state property tax increment
3:04 pm
that flows from the program and if this future legislative change or other legislative changes that allows out revenues to the i f did the language will clarify for the board of supervisors what pledge those through the district without a revote and the additional revenues will be committed chief suhr to the affordable housing bonus program. >> thank you for that information since we had a lengthy discussion i'll not rehash everything i'm just wondering though given some of the options that were put on the table at the full board merging in relation to the package we've continued the item for november 6th i believe do you feel that i mean - i didn't
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think also as of yesterday would have been a solution for the financing gaps what's our thoughts moving as we he approach december 6th. >> the terms of d da the developer is committed to providing the public infrastructure and it eligible for reimbursement for certain costs subject to the limitations of the financing district they then accept certain risks that costs wouldn't be fully covered the city committed to delivering the affordable housing program with some help with a contribution in the developer and some revenues that come from the i r f d any surplus revenues from the i f r d flows to affordable housing and closing that gap but the terms that have been put
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forward in the i f p are consistent with the split of revenues that were set for the from the d da as we work to close the gap the city's obligation under the agreement it may - it's going to be a lengthy process one of the things that getting started helps us allows us the prudent of grant at the did you funding sources that requires us to have a project ready site so some of the opportunities pursue funding need us to move forward to start that process and other lafco changes at the state level that will play out but important to keep in mind this is a 20-year or more development on the
3:07 pm
island and we have an ample amount of time to continue to close the gap to fully fund the 21 hundred 73 unit we're committed to developing but also sanitation yesterday we should have 3 surplus sites that gives us the opportunity to develop more housing over time and it sounds like similar that was described to us yesterday, i hope that has we approach december 6th either there is new information, new options and so forth that sounds like most of board is not common with that is laid out i'll leave it at that there's a lot of work to be done but for today's purposes to catch up with the items and approve or disapproveed items
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thank you very much workplace mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee supervisor according to the infrastructure financing plan and i'm on page 8 of our report the project areas abc d and e will generate one $.9 billion many property tax that's over 43 year period in 2018 to 61, 62 one $. billion is pledged for the financing district this is shown in table 3 on page 8 of our report on page 9 of our report the treasure island has an estimated fund shortfall of 381 plus in table 5 on page 9 of our report and for that reason we shade i
3:09 pm
stayed on page 10 little infrastructure fencing plan doesn't identify or the financing necessary to construct all one thousand plus housing units to be delivered by tida we consider that a policy matter for supervisors. >> thank you, mr. rose open up for public comment for item number one anyone wish to comment on item number one okay seeing none, public comment is closed i want to be associate myself with the comments of supervisor tang and look forward to 9 full board discussion and certainly pa make my office available as we move through that supervisor tang auto all right. i'll make a motion
3:10 pm
motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> and without objection madam clerk call item 2. >> resolution retroactively 30 years the grant in the amount of of the transportation service program and the mitigation and air quality fund through metropolitan commission grant program to appear on october 16th through august 2017 and waving the costs. >> good morning. i'm the director of the school program those are funded that mtc has appropriated with all the 9 county to expand to schools the portion that comes to san francisco you actually have approved that fund through our role with the board at the transbay joint powers authority and into the city budget i'm available to answer any questions.
3:11 pm
>> okay supervisor tang. >> thank you so i'm the sponsor of this item so i understand what the grant will be used for to defer our public records for that if i could describe the breakdown of the agencies and department that get the fund. >> generally can they're using it for our the program is comprised of a number of agencies the first and foremost is obviously did school board because this is a program within their school we're partnership with the presidio ymca through the program san francisco small business commission the bicycle coalition the department of health and the department of the environment and we are expanding our services to include more outreach to families and caregivers about all the alternatives of how to get transforming school with the transit and walking and bicycle r biking we're boulder more of
3:12 pm
the communications so our website and having a newsletter and things like that which will make it having it 2r5i89d will help to communicate with the families in san francisco and boulder building out more the high school level in the school district having a pe class pe classes and you know in high school some of the elements we have. >> and then do we have mrefkz to show the success rates for programs and what those grants allow us to do. >> and conduct an annual evaluation and report and include i'm sorry off the top of my head 40 percent of the schools that are participating and to a lesser degree for
3:13 pm
biking at those schools i can get that exact data to you later today. >> thank you very much okay. thank you for that supervisor tang with that opening it up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 2 okay seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor tang >> i'll make a motion i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> we have a motion without objection madam clerk call item 3. >> resolution authorizing the rec and park department to accept and expend to the united states environmental protection agency an agreement for the combined total of 4 hundred thousand for the element of the remediation and the activities for 9 property. >> thank you very much welcome rec and park morning supervisor tang and supervisor farrell i'm tony with the rec and park department i am the grant writer the item before you is i'm here to ask
3:14 pm
your recommendations to the board of supervisors to accept the two environmental protection agency grant for a sized mediation plan and a - to help the clean up of nine hundred ennis 5 parcels in the india baseline with a ship facility those activities led to contamination of the sale that was purchased prior to that purchase we led an assessment determining if there were tanlts and an analysis for ground clean up based on the clean up our department applied for and secured go epa grant at $400,000 through the process we held 3 meeting with the public specifically about the clean up
3:15 pm
plan and the grant proposal several meetings held on the for the development of the nine hundred india baseline currently the project is - well basically once we get this in place for the remediation plan can we move forward with the environmental impact report we expect the i went to be published in march of 2017 and certified around 2018 with the clean up activities happening in mid-2019. >> that's pretty much our presentation if you have any questions and i were the acquisition with san francisco reservoir a few years ago this will be an amazing part of san francisco and thank you for being part of this and as we
3:16 pm
look forward to the day is opens up thank you for bringing this forward seeing none, no other questions open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 3 public comment is closed. >> i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang and without objection madam clerk would you call item 4. >> the resolution enclosing the term sheet with an the national for 0 memorandum of understanding outlining the terms for a ferry in - pierce 31 through 3. >> going the senior property manager and joined by my colleague good morning supervisor farrell and supervisor tang pleased to be here today for your represents to seek approval for the endorsement of the term sheet
3:17 pm
between the port as well as the competitive 3w50igd i'd like to thank the mayor's office and supervisor peskin for spovn this legislation and our partners from national park service who are here aaron the acting superintendant and ann and bryan jones us as well as jessica who been working on the project and like to thank the nicholas and others for all their work to get us to this point address support from our acting director. >> we have a brief presentation to go over the terms of the mou and up in front of you the framework of the mou that is a long term thirty year agreement between the port and the national park services which
3:18 pm
outlines each party rocket as you can see on the right-hand side there are primary responsibilities to secure contract with a con in her for the alcatraz island ferry services along that that the port the standard for a lease that cantonese the city ordinances that will be attached to that contract when necessary bid that out in addition they'll secure a contract with the national parks and with that they'll have the form leases attached other responsibilities are the ceqa determination and going to the site planning and making sure that it is done responsible and in return the park enters into a lease with the con in her for the - we'll
3:19 pm
enter into a lease on a thirty year basis and make an investment in the sub structure as you can see on the next slide this is the investment that is anticipated to go into the site that is approximately $20 million investment we've reach from the concessioner and the port will invest an additional $5 million into the sub structure our visions are aligned after many positive meetings we are really exciting those key concerts will be the continued historic preservation and enhancing the visitors and more exhibit for the public and for our our maritime use for the site
3:20 pm
next slide shows you the site this is the existing site today they did a full analysis of alternatives sites i think this was a public processed through mature collaboration we're focused on the site the existing between the 31 and 33 to a compass like environment as you can see a couple of renderings what that he could look like after the investment the proposed base rent has been analyzed here by the budget analyst report office and we have approximately 8 hundred and 58 thousands of base rent paid as a minimal rent and the conservancy was determined through our port approved commission perimeter rents and the rent will be the greater base rent or percentage rent on
3:21 pm
this sheet this all the percentage rents for each business this was determined through extensive research economic consulting and proildz and negotiation with our partners at ap s with that, in mind the next sheet gives us a performa, if you will, of potential what that site might generate what it is fully operational as you can see that is quite attractive economically for the port and for the city with over $3 million of revenue to be generated based on assumes of grossly receipts a rent credit of $3 million that is going to increase the infrastructure and the structure repair and things that are normally considered on the
3:22 pm
landmark side they've agreed to take on the credits and it is done shortly to have it we'll be wrecking the benefits that work here within after the 4 year and with that, we are our next steps, of course, we will be seeking recommendation here from the committee as well as approval in the board on the term sheet and the sole source waiver and moving towards the groups finalize the mou with the partners at park service and we will then have a fair concession lease prepared for the folks to be ready and will eastbound conducting our regulatory approvals and then coming back to the port commission and the board to seek the approval for the mou and the lee's with that,
3:23 pm
that concludes my presentation. of rebecca has one change to introduce to the resolution. >> thank you jay supervisors rebecca we've been working closely with the budget analyst and you have before you a couple of red lines technical changes to the resolution we want you to consider as you make the recommendation to the board the key changes on page 2 roadway 22 that technical change makes reference to the staff sheet it governs the process and the final change is on page 4 row 7 note it our intention or the agreement will have our leased the co-denominators with the contract term that is important to the parties to have a contract for equal amount of time with that, that concludes my presentation. >> thank you very much no questions right now mr. rose,
3:24 pm
can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee. supervisor tang on page 14 of our report we note it that the port will be responsible to invest approximately $5 million for pier 31 the sub structure repair and upgrades we note the conservativecy and the contractor will make the improvement with 29 plus thousand dollars and report that the ferry contractor will be provided a maximum of $2 million plus in rent credits for the applicable costs over the 4 years of lease finally the contingency will be responsible for the 33 center
3:25 pm
and the folks will be provided a maximum of nine hundred plus over the 4 year term of the lease on page 15 the net present value as erupted e opposed to the percentage rents that will result in the port paid by the to be paid by the contingency where the port receives approximately $7 million plus i'll emphasize again that is base rent not percentage rent. >> regarding our recommendation based on the recommendation the department submitted we agree that that we're join our recommendation on the bottom of page 15 and recommend you approve the amended legislation. >> thank you very much if no questions right now i just
3:26 pm
want to say to you for coming forward i've been waiting for this for years laughter. >> so thank you. i'm excited we're at that phase and congratulations on getting this. >> thank you. >> alter that point and thank you for all your hard work thank goodness we're here i have 3 speaker cards (calling names) anyone that wishes to speak please line up everyone will have 2 minutes. >> good morning my name is establishing in any professional capacity i'm executive vice president for the sgientd i'm familiar with the high services on the waterfront and providing access to san franciscans and visitors alike on our waterfront my personal capacity i have served on the board of the
3:27 pm
golden gate care onservancy and the parks successful and open to all visitors in san franciscans in bayview receipts the consciousnesscy helps to provide are interpret programs with the golden gate bridge and alcatraz and we many of you potentially visited the centers on alcatraz so i strongly urge to adopt this measure that will create and place for the alcatraz experience and have full confidence in the port.
3:28 pm
>> thank you very much next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors nice to see you familiar with both sides in the member six the conservancy - this is go for inform san francisco and glad to see this the correspondencecy don't a great job with the celebration a world-class capture and they'll do a great job. >> thank you, commissioner. >> morning john sftravel as you may know there are 24.6 million visitors they spend billions of dollars every hour everyday and support 76 plus jobs one of the most attractive
3:29 pm
and top attractions is obviously alcatraz island and in fact, the 6 more visited designations in san francisco with 19 percent of all visitors that. come to san francisco visit the island easy access is important to maintain the attractivenessness and an iconic attraction this new agreement extends the papering that enable access from an place in close prompt to other amenity and attractions when placed together kraed create a designation that enhances the overall visitors attraction we wholeheartedly support this and congratulations to support and hope you'll approve that thank you. >> anyone wish to comment on this item seeing none, public
3:30 pm
comment is closed. supervisor tang. >> all right. thank you for your presentation he was reading through this and thought how i finally visited alcatraz for the first time i know embarrassing my parents waiting in line for a hotdog so i think this is be a wonderful experience so thank you very much for bringing 24 forgot with that said, i'll make a most to i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> thank you very much supervisor tang and again, thank you for the presentation and thank you for all your hard work. >> mr. chair, i building an amendment. >> as amended first to amend and send fort with a positive recommendation. >> madam clerk add me as a co-sponsor without objection. >> okay madam clerk call item 5. >> item 5 retroactively 30
3:31 pm
years the was the district attorney to accept and expend a - 2016 through june 2017 authorizing the office of district attorney to accept and expend a grant of 89 thousand for july 2017 through june 2018 and an amount of approximately 89 for the period of 2018 to 2019 to continue the criminal institution impact. >> thank you for having me. i'm the deputy chief of victim services i want to let you know that grant provides us an opportunity to let us have a resolution specialist to serve victims with the collection of restitution they're very helpful in bringing the gap between the operation department and the district attorney's office this
3:32 pm
last year, we trained over one he 50 staff mentioned on restitution to have a better understanding when the victim is entitled to collect for restitution and that's really it do you have any questions. >> supervisor tang. >> yeah. thank you chair farrell so in terms of the grant is that mostly towards training or for the restitution. >> it is for the staffing of the restitution specialist that restitution specialist that training not just looking at the collection but also getting out there and bridging that gap amendment it is difficulty in the district attorney probation officers and the victims when their understanding they can request restitution when the victim or the did not is found
3:33 pm
guilty or pleads guest guilty to a crime we found victims don't understand this resolution tuition specialist informs victims of their voting rights. >> okay we'll open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 5 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i'll make 80 a motion wmgsz to the full board. >> without objection. >> madam clerk call item 6. >> the resolution arthur's the execution and delivery of a multi family note in one or more series in an aggregate not to exceed $49.5 million to provide ferns of a construction multi family known as presidio prop x. >> thank you, supervisors i'm a project manager at the mayor's
3:34 pm
office of housing representing castro san francisco port commission and here to present the board with the 72 construction of multi family housing on connecticut also known as block x the transactions fundamentals have not changed since you presented 9 resolution to that committee in march of this year the issuance is a conduit finance with in recourse to the general fund all the project units will serve the families earning no more than 60 percent ami this is the phase one of the master plan the san francisco port commission and requires no relocation as it is a vacant site since march the developer 3wri7b8gd you think housing has excused allocation from the state the developer working with the city has identified financing team so we have on
3:35 pm
board the construction and permanent mortgage learned and investigator on council and municipal advisors the financing team met and developed a document in the package before you today, we anticipate closing many bond in mid-december with construction beginning in early 2017 construction is accepted to be complete in the summer of 2018 that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions i'm here. >> thank you very much any questions on item 6 okay opening up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to move forward. >> i'll make a motion city college. >> we can take that without objection. >> madam clerk call item 7. >> item 7 resolution authorizing the conclusion and delivery of certificates of
3:36 pm
participation an tax exempt or bias evidencing and representing a principle amount, 201165 point plus million dollar and improvement on the animal care facilities only property within the city. >> okay. thank you very much this hematemesis was sponsored by supervisor tang. >> i know we have department staff to speak on the item excited to see you and thank you to the mayor's office and the capital team and our public finance team to make sure we are develop a new animal shelter in san francisco with great excitement we have this one of our final financial pieces with that, i'm going to turn it over to department staff. >> with the controller's office of public financials the proposal inviting $60 million in
3:37 pm
south of market of participation with the annual control facility to be located on 1419 bryant street with the approval the board authorizes the city to sell commercial paper to fund this on an inventory base and to provide permanent financing on a elementary basis the certifies are to be executed in amounts to be fell paid with interest financing and delivery expenses because the plan of finance is seeking a paper to finance the costs we estimate to deliver the certificates in the summer of 2018 with the approve of that resolution the board approves the related fence in the forms including the property and lease agreement and trust and a preliminary statement that is the former of notice of tennis
3:38 pm
for the fail and appendix a the resolution approving the revised preliminary statement will be brought back to the board with the financials and other areas of disclosure for the city will structure the certificates and a third party trustees the office of chief examiner portions the hospital and the animal care and control facilities about collectively serve as a lease property for the certificate lastly a reminder in march the board amended the capital plan for the animal control confidence certificates as the debt program in may of this year, the board approved the certificates for the animal care and control project i'm available to answer any questions and have virginia the director of ac c and ken the
3:39 pm
manager to answer any project related questions. >> thank you very much that presentation i think that just for public purposes and reminder of the cost and how much is comping from cop from the general fund appropriate i don't know if you want to speak to that harry maybe through the chair to mr. rose. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> >> yes. chair farrell and supervisor tang, we report on page 19 the board of supervisors appropriated the 60 plus million dollars in certificates of participation precedes of which $49 million to fund the animal control and $10 million plus from debt services reserves and financing and 9 hundred plus for
3:40 pm
uncertainty and the interest rate and this is shown or detailed on page 20 of our report that is in the table one we also note that on page 20 based on a consciousness 1:00 and maturity date of 20 years the office of public finance estimates the interest rate payments to be approximately $5 million plus that is other than average and the total principle and interest over 20 years one plus $59 million is principle and $50 million plus is interest we recommend that you approve that resolution. >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose no questions. >> one more question i want to ask a real estate issue i know
3:41 pm
we're playing music chairs with sfmta and wanted an update. >> thank you for the question mr. chair and supervisor tang so the real estate is a proposed animal care on bryant is currently occupied by sfmta and public works is managing them to relocate them and renovate the building this project is currently on time for design that the giving of that predecessor project starts in the summer of 2015 for the relocation for the summer of 2018 we're on time for that as well. >> where is sfmta what exactly is happening you know that last time we remember we were sure the designation is 1570 burk
3:42 pm
avenue and so that their consolidating and renovating that warehouse for that designation and great to hear that was resolved. >> thank you very much. >> okay open up for public comment this time open up for public comment i know that supervisor tang has cards here everyone will have two minutes. >> thank you. i want to acknowledge the director of ac c but cards for (calling names) please come on up. >> good morning. my name is jane i serve on the animal control welfare commission been a long term volunteer as of november 2015 animal control
3:43 pm
meetings san francisco care and director donahue with the project sponsors from dpw presented plans for the shelter attending voice on the support for the building they'll meet the best practices and approve the level of adaptability it addresses the safety concerns for the public and the commission as well that was for these reasons that the commission recommended that the board of supervisors support the proposal to build a new shelter through the certifies of participation we're confident the new building will improve the quality of care for the shelter that is functional in the event of a disaster, and, secondly, i'd like to personally thank the board of supervisors commissioner tang in particular
3:44 pm
dpw and the city zoning administrator's and the budget and finance committee everyone pulled together it shows a great deep appreciation for the animals and for the people of san francisco so i thank you personally. >> thank you very much i too want to thank the city administrator's office. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm i'm the chair of sf dog and wholeheartedly support this new shelter and also that the couple's most people know that it is a place for adoption of dogs for often woman stay in abusive relationships they believe that people can bring their animals to aa c and
3:45 pm
protect them once a woman finds a place to live she can get her pet back if a fire destroys our home you can go there and fires - and a kwaernth disaster you can't underestimate the comfort knowing their pets will be taken care of whether natural or personal people died in new orleans because they refused to save themselves it was reassuring we'll not face those choices ac c will take care of the animal in the extreme cases and getting them the help to do this necessarily they need a new building. >> gandhi said you can judge the greatness of a nation how
3:46 pm
they treat their animals please move forward and support this building for animal control. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, everybody. i'm micro the chief executive officer for the friends of animal control i wanted to you know if any of you viefdz the 14er89 you've seen the need for the new shelter and need i want to thank you for. making that happen i won't go through what jane said but there's a reason for the shelter number one i think that that was mentioned in the event of a major earthquake the shelter must be self-sufficient for 72 hours hours to take care of people and animals displaced we don't expect the building can do this the shelters are crowded and it is
3:47 pm
not heath having a new building allows for that the veterinary facilities doesn't cover that right now ac c staff can't properly isolate those animals so the new facilities will provide for that also, we will emphasis the animal care and controls is for people we heard in hurricane katrina people are jeopardizes their own safety as refuse to evacuate unless their pets are taken care of federal law is amended in 2006 to require the state and local preparation to include people are petsd it is important in animal shelter provide for this the shelter did a great job in it was converted to angle animal
3:48 pm
shelter for that length of time for 26 years we've going done a great job with the facilities and we really, really need this thank you for helping us and the animals. >> thank you very much any public comment on this item okay. seeing none. >> public comment is closed. all right. so with that, again, just really amazing effort group effort at the city to make that happen so i'm enthusiastically making a motion to move forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> thank you supervisor tang please put my name is a co-sponsor and supervisor tang know we'll not be here without the advocacy of supervisor tang over the last year plus on this item thank you very much and with that, madam clerk without objection. >> madam clerk would you call item 8 please. item 8 resolution for the sales
3:49 pm
of multi housing revenue bond not to exceed one plus million dollars for the financing for the construction of a three hundred 11 unit multi family housing in the city from 510 fulsome street. >> good morning. i'm gretchen the development specialist to the affordable housing team with the office of economic development today is a erases authorizing the issuance of multi family housing not to exceed one and $32 million to provide the affordable portion of a mixed use known as bloke 9 located on 900 fulsome street as bridge housing are the developers thank you look at the map provide in our packets you'll see 72 hours between
3:50 pm
fundamentally street first street and ecker in the contributing project area that was established in june of 2005 with the board of supervisors adoption of tip of the iceberg redevelopment it is with ocii meeting the obligation by the assembly bill to insures that 35 percent of new housing units built in the project area are volleyball to and occupied by low income and moderate income households it will be comprised of 1 and 36 market-rate housing and one and 9 below-market-rate housing the total units in the building are 5 hundred and 4 the below-market-rate housing will be located within the lower 21 floors of building and dispersed with the market-rate unit the bmr economist of 34 studios
3:51 pm
61 one bedroom and two bedrooms and will be affordable to households earning up to 50 area medium income or for a 3 person household that will be finances with city tax exempt housing revenue bonds this transaction is a conduit financing and not requiring repayment the tax exempt in the california allocation committee expires in january of 2017 approval of this bond issuance by the november 29th board of supervisors meeting insures that the developments team has enough time to close the fencing for the expiration date to begin construction to there after. >> vertical construction of affordable of contributing 9 will begin in the winter and completed in the summer of 2019
3:52 pm
the contributing 9 team precious our support and look forward to seeing you at at event that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you thanks very much any questions move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 8 seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. thaengs for the very thorough presentation i'll make a motion to i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang and without objection madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> thanks everybody (music)
3:53 pm
>> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted.
3:54 pm
my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped.
3:55 pm
during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra. you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play. msk(music) >> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is
3:56 pm
pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very early, young vibrant mendelson; fabulous opener and then you have this fabulous concerto written for us in the orchestra. is our gift. msk(music) >> and then you have strauss, extraordinary piece. the most challenging of all. string orchestra work. 23 solo instrument, no violin section, now viola section;
3:57 pm
everybody is responsible for their part in this piece. the challenge is something that i felt not only that we could do , absolutely could do, but i wanted to show off. i can't tell you how aware i am of the audience. not only what i hear but their vibes, so strong. i have been doing this for a long time. i kind of make them feel what i want them to feel. there is nobody in that audience or anywhere that is not going to know that particular song by the fourth note.
3:58 pm
and that is our encore on tour. by the way. i am proud to play it, we are from san francisco. we are going to play that piece no matter where we are.
3:59 pm
>> comblj wrirt welcome to the the special meeting of the government audit & oversight joined by commissioner norman yee and on my left supervisor president london breed our clerk clerk erica major thank you for putting up that those special hearing madam clerk, any
4:00 pm
announcements? >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 5th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you, ms. major. >> number one the existing building standards and schematic safeties stones with in fill and asking the department of building inspection to report. >> thank you good afternoon and thank you to my colleagues for being here to continue this hearing that we started in september and late september after rufksz by the san francisco chronicle with regard to the millennium tower the first high-rise seismically in fill area has sunk more than double the original projeon


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